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VitaFlex technique, a powerful ancient Tibetan healing methodology brought to the US in the 1920s by Stanley Burroughs.

It is a very effective method used alone or with other healing modalities. It has a synergistic effect when combined with essential oils as in the Raindrop Technique,  and it can be used to stimulate all the body systems on a physical and emotional level.

The electrical energy that is produced during the technique transfers to the nerve pathways. Once the energy finds a gap in the circuit, it repairs the break in the pathway that is creating the imbalance in the body.


Some of the benefits of the VitaFlex Technique are, it restores balance to the nerve pathways in a non-invasive manner, re-aligns the spine in a non-manipulative manner, reduces stress and tension in the body, improves hearing in a natural way, and helps detox the lymphatic system.

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