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This is a technique I developed using the (NAT) Neuro-Auricular Technique and the Color Light Facial with tuning forks and essential oils.

The results are profound for the complete overall relaxation, stress relieving, lymphatic drainage, complete overhaul of the body.

Doing the Facial is a holographic image of the whole body. This is where the part equals the whole. So in essence, you are working on the organs, circulatory, excretory, harmonization of the brain, and simply the complete bodies’ physiology and anatomy.

This puts the brain in theta or an out of body experience allowing the energy draining mind chatter to peal away in layers like an onion.The most powerful service you can do for yourself is to break free from haunting negative emotions.

This brings about complete growth, expanding your comfort zones. All disease and illness comes from the emotions that are lodged in the body.

This is the a way of self healing to remove and replace negative beliefs and/or emotions. This is the Minds Eye Method.


How Oils, lights, and tuning forks work together?











Therapeutic grade essential oils, color lights, and tuning forks all have in common the healing power of frequency. Each organ of the body, in a healthy state, has its own unique frequency. Oils, lights, and tuning forks all complement each other as tools in various protocols and healing modalities, which can help restore balance and the ability of the body to correct out of tune frequencies. 

Solar Spectrum From a Prism
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