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What is Life Coaching?


At MindsEyeHome, Life Coaching is geared toward

helping you determine and achieve your personal goals.


While Life Coaching draws its inspiration from the fields of sociology, psychology, career advising and other forms of counseling, Life Coaching is not therapy or consulting.


We offer our clients feedback, insights and guidance

from an objective "bird's eye" point-of-view, steering

you along your path of life enrichment.

MindsEyeHome does not focus on looking at your past;

we "coach" you for your future. We do not diagnose you,

but rather we attempt to affect your future by setting

positive, attainable perimeters. Coaches see only

opportunities, not problems.


How is Life Coaching Conducted?


Life Coaching can involve numerous techniques and

methods in attaining desired results, including

mentoring, behavior modification and modeling,

assessing values and goal-setting. Coaches shift the

focus from “why” to “how.” Coaching is very resultsoriented,

maintaining a focus on the current situation

and actively developing plans for the FUTURE.


Why Do I Need Life Coaching?


People often hire a life coach when they are feeling

dissatisfied with their lives, facing significant life

changes, or simply looking for help in getting to the "next level" of where they want to be in life. Coaching is an ongoing collaborative effort between coach and client, establishing a partnership built on setting and achieving life goals.



Who Would Be My Coach?


Michael Thrower, owner, CEO, Life Coach.

In addition to being a certified Life Coach, Michael has

completed the Journey of Power coursework under James Ray International which includes Harmonic Wealth, Quantum Leap, Creating Absolute Wealth, Modern Magic and Practical Mysticism. His journey has led to multiple certifications:


> Life Coaching

> Color Harmonics

> Raindrop Technique, 1 and 2

> Vita Flex Technique

> Emotional Release

> Chemistry of the Oils, 1 and 2

> Healing Oils of the Bible


"I had a coach from Nightingale-Conant and loved what she did for me, and knew that was what I wanted to do for other people," Michael says. "

Some of the benefits of coaching are the organization of clear, precise thoughts and the methods to apply those thoughts in real life situations; the revealing of powerful questions that allow my clients to realize their full potential in order to live a life of true abundance."


Michael lives a Harmonic Wealth lifestyle and formed

MindsEyeHome to provide Life Coaching, Color Light

therapy, and Raindrop Technique services using Young

Living Essential Oils.

Michael is a man with principals.

He believes wholeheartedly in the products and services he performs, and has a genuine desire to help others get the most out of life.

"you can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward.

But both of those methods are only temporary.

The only lasting thing is self motivation."


-- Homer Rice

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